Коллекция фокусов с картами - набор из 4 DVD

Коллекция фокусов с картами - набор из 4 DVD

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Узнайте более 120 фокусов с помощью этого набора из 4 DVD. Начните свое путешествие в мир карточного волшебства. Это полный курс- от новичка к опытному мастеру. Джерри Гриффин сопроводит вас в вашем путешествии.

DVD 1: Beginner & Intermediate
DVD 2: Advanced & Expert
DVD 3: Expert Extreme
DVD 4: Forces, Shuffles, Flourishes, Cuts, & Sleights 

DVD 1:
The Betting Game, A Simple Card Revelation, Eyes Are The Window to the Soul, Pulse, 21 Card Trick, CRUNCH!!, Up to Her Old Tricks, I'm Having a Spell, Lie Detector, What is He Talking About?, Cowboys and Indians, Into the Future, Sisters, Do as I Do

21 Card Trick Outdone, The What?, Further Than That, Lie Detector II, Use Your Powers For Good, Color Changing Deck, Time Travel, Invisible Cards, One the Easy Way, One the Hard Way, Amazing Aces, X Marks the Spot, Card Thru Hand, Quicker than the Eye, Two Card Challenge

DVD 2:
The Ace Challenge, Twisting the Aces, Marked Deck, Amazing Ace Thru Four, Back to Basics Poker, Magnetic Finger, Stabbed Coincidence, Riffle Stop Poker, Acrobatic Aces, Card Warp, Coney Island Caper, Homing Card, Rub-away Cards, Triumph

A Very Good Hand, Oil and Water, Chicago Opener, Jacks or Better, The Sound of your Cards, Simple Arithmetic, The Ambitious Ace Thru Five, One Last Card, You Ain't Going to Believe This, Fancy Ace Cutting

DVD 3:

The Collector, The Man from New York, Here There and Everywhere, Gambler's Thumbs, Chameleon Card, The Most Ambitious Card Mystery, Gerry's Jumping Coin Trick, Optical Illusion, Computer Deck, Real Magic

DVD 4:
Marked Cards, The Classic Force, 10 to 20 Force, Balducci Force, The Glide Force, The Dribble Force, Gerry's Hindu Force, The Riffle Force, The Shuffle Force, The Spread Force, The Toss Force, Touch A Card Force, Touch A Card II, Under the Handkerchief

Hindu Shuffle, Faro Shuffle, The Riffle Shuffle, The Overhand Shuffle, Push Thru Shuffle, One Handed Shuffle, The Zarrow Shuffle

The Ribbon Spread, The Pressure Fan, Closing A Fan, Table Fan Close, Hot Shot, Card Spring

The Octopus Cut, Gerry's One-Handed Cut, The Blind Swivel Cut, The Kick Cut, The Scissors Cut, The Charlier Cut, Erdnase False Cut, The Double Undercut, Double Undercut to the Table, Gerry's Undercut to the Table

The Triple Lift, The Glide, The Glide II, The Break, Transferring the Break, The Siva Count, Rub-a-dub Vanish, The Revolve Change, Palming, Catching a Glimpse, Jordan Count, Hamman Count, The Flustration Move, Flourish and a Pass, Elmsley Count, The Double Lift, The Card Fold, Braue Reversal, The Biddle Move, Table Palm, The Pass

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